Pakistan again cried about kashmir in UN…

In the United Nations, pakistan keeps trying to corner india on the kashmir issue, but never tries to look into its own affairs. Now pakistan has again cried its sorrow in the UN, although india also keeps putting forward its side. pakistan has expressed displeasure in the UN regarding the kashmir issue. It has also raised questions on the UN. pakistan says that the UN has not paid attention to the issues raised by it.

Pakistan's Deputy Permanent Representative Ambassador Usman Jadoon at the UN Headquarters in New York said that we welcome the convening of the meeting to talk about the issue of people missing from war zones. pakistan has repeatedly raised the issue of missing persons. What the indian police and security forces are doing in kashmir can be put in the category of horror. Thousands of Kashmiri youth are missing. pakistan alleged that since august 2019, the indian Army has made 13,000 boys disappear in kashmir, but still the world is silent on this, no one is paying attention to these matters.

Pakistan said, still the UN is silent

Accusing india, pakistan also raised questions on the UN. Despite all this, the UN is silent. The Pakistani representative said that there are thousands of women in kashmir who do not know whether their husbands are alive or not. They are called half widows in Kashmir. The way people have been picked up and disappeared in kashmir is very serious. This is a serious humanitarian issue and we want the UN and human rights organizations to take it up. pakistan said that the half widow women of kashmir are not even being given the right to know whether their family members are alive or not. In case of death, they are also deprived of burial and mourning.

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