Seema's Pakistani husband will come to India…

Seema Haider, who fled from pakistan to india, is not being left alone by her Pakistani husband. seema Haider's Pakistani husband Ghulam Haider, who lives in Noida, has once again vented his anger. Ghulam has called Seema, who came to india via nepal and is living with a young man named Sachin, a liar and a cheat. Ghulam Haider has released a video from pakistan, in which he said that the news of seema and Sachin getting married in nepal is false.

Sachin told that his lawyer Momin Malik has himself investigated by going to nepal, they did not get married there. This makes it clear that both are in an illegitimate relationship. They have neither married in a temple nor in a court. Ghulam said, 'My lawyer Momin Malik in india is arranging visa for me and is also exposing Seema. I hope I will get success and seema will go behind bars. seema always lies and is now scared of going to jail, that is why she is giving absurd statements.'

Governments should decide about Ghulam-Seema

Ghulam said, 'If seema did not want to live with me, she should have taken a divorce. The way she has run away with my children, if she is thinking that I will sit quietly, then it is not so. I will not tolerate any injustice with my children and will continue to fight for my children.' Ghulam further said, 'India's narendra modi government, UP cm Yogi Adityanath and Pakistan's PM Shahbaz Sharif should pay attention to this matter. The governments of india and pakistan should sit together and decide this issue.'

Ghulam called seema dangerous

Ghulam Haider has called seema dangerous for both india and pakistan, he said that both countries should be careful about it. The governments of both countries should think that no one should be allowed to cross the border and live in the country in this way. Other people can also do the same after seeing Seema. Ghulam said that people of both the countries are listening to me, but the governments are not paying attention.

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