'Owaisi intimidates and provokes Muslims', know why?

All india Muslim Jamaat's National President Maulana Mufti Shahabuddin Razvi Barelvi said that the government has been formed in india for the third time under the leadership of narendra Modi. If a leader holds the post of PM for the third consecutive time in the country, then he becomes important in himself. He said that the trends that have emerged from the Muslims in the country, the decision that Muslims took, it was a very good decision. I want to thank them for this decision that they played a decisive role. Maulana Mufti Shahabuddin Razvi Barelvi gave a big statement regarding the post on the social media platform X by AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi.

'Owaisi works to intimidate and provoke Muslims'

He said that Owaisi is talking about intimidating and provoking Muslims, it is wrong to put the Sangh Parivar or the government in the dock for the recent murder of two-three Imams. Until a proper investigation is done, no organization or government can be held guilty. He said that Owaisi always talks about intimidation and provocation. Even if Owaisi is put in place of PM Modi, such incidents will not stop. This is such a big country that such incidents can never stop. If we turn the pages of history, Muslims ruled this country for 900 years. Even during that time, such incidents have been happening. Linking such incidents to any organization or government is a matter of inciting emotions. There is nothing other than this.

'Becoming PM three times in a row is a big thing'

He said that narendra modi has become the prime minister for the third time, this thing in itself holds a lot of importance. Muslims took a decision in the lok sabha elections, it was a very good decision. people living in india are living in peace and tranquility, provoking or inciting them is not a good thing.

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