Traveling in the sky will now become a reality!!!

Vehicles of many companies are running on the roads in india and cheap and expensive vehicles are also available in the market. people buy vehicles according to their budget and travel. However, now apart from roads, vehicles can also enter the sky. For this, recently mahindra Group Chairman anand mahindra has shared information by writing a post on social media. According to him, air taxi can work for the first time in the country. He has also shared a module for this. After this, the possibilities of fulfilling the dream of transport through the sky are now being seen.

Air taxi will become a reality

It is expected that air taxi can be launched anytime in the coming year. Due to this, the possibilities of short trips from the air have also started awakening. If everything remains right after the first flying taxi, then it can be expected that its number can increase in the coming time. Flying electric taxi will have a footprint. The taxi will have a range of up to 200 kilometers. The flying electric taxi will be a two-seater and will have the capacity to carry a maximum load of 200 kg. It will be able to fly with this much load. Its price will be such that everyone can afford it. It will be completely electric. Apart from this, the flying electric taxi will also be equipped with the features of unmanned auto pilot, that is, a pilot will be in it. The flying electric taxi will take off vertically. This taxi will have air speed.

Funny features of flying taxi

This step is going to bring a big change in the field of transportation in India. Along with encouraging the use of electric vehicles, innovations are also being done in the direction of aerial transportation. Flying electric taxi can arrive for the first time in India. The arrival of flying electric taxi will give a new direction to transport services and provide passengers a means to travel even more safely and faster. Along with this technical solution, enthusiasm is being seen for its acceptance and permission for its operation. For its operation, other companies are also being motivated to work in this direction. The features of the flying electric taxi are ultra-modern and in step with the new era. This vehicle will be completely electric, making it environmentally friendly and will help in reducing air pollution.       

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