From Signatures to Statesmanship: The Political Inaugural Scribbles!!

  • * Started by Y.S. Rajasekhara reddy in 2004 after taking oath as chief minister of Andhra Pradesh.

  • * Represents the commitment of the leader to election promises or marks their first official act in office.

  • * Gained significance nationally among political leaders, including prime minister Narendra Modi.

The trend of the "first signature" after taking oath by political leaders appears to have started with Y.S. Rajasekhara reddy (YSR), the late chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. ysr reportedly began this tradition when he took oath on May 14, 2004, at LB Stadium in Hyderabad. During his oath-taking ceremony, he signed documents related to promises he made to farmers regarding free electricity supply.

Since then, the tradition has gained momentum and significance among political leaders in India. It symbolizes the commitment of the newly sworn-in leader to their election promises or to signify their first official act after assuming office. This trend has been observed not only in andhra pradesh but also at the national level, with leaders like prime minister Narendra Modi and others following suit.

In recent times, after chandrababu naidu took oath as chief minister of andhra pradesh, he signed documents related to Mega DSC (Development, Service, and Care) as his first official act. This highlights the continuity of the trend initiated by ysr and how it has evolved over the years to become a symbolic gesture of political commitment and leadership.

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