Ravi Kishan had made a disclosure on Casting Couch...

Every day there are news that some actress in bollywood has become a victim of casting couch. From time to time bollywood actresses keep sharing their casting couch experiences with everyone. However, it is not that only actresses have to face casting couch. Famous actors have also faced casting couch. One of them is famous actor ravi Kishan. ravi kishan, who has waved the flag of his acting from Bhojpuri cinema to bollywood and South cinema, narrowly escaped from becoming a victim of casting couch. ravi kishan is now active in politics as well.

Ravi Kishan had to face casting couch at the beginning of his career. ravi spoke openly on this issue in an interview with Rajat Sharma. Once ravi had appeared as a guest in Rajat Sharma's show 'Aap ki Adalat (Your Court). During this time he exposed the truth of the film industry.

Ravi Kishan managed to escape

Rajat Sharma had told ravi, "I heard that you also faced casting couch." On this, ravi had said, "Yes, it happened and it is something that happens in the industry. But I somehow managed to escape. My father had taught me that I should do my work honestly, I never wanted to take shortcuts."

A famous woman from the industry had invited him for coffee at night

Ravi had told that a woman from the industry had once asked him to come for coffee at night. Without naming anyone, ravi had said, "I cannot reveal her name, because she has become a big name now. She had said, 'Come for coffee at night. I thought this is something that people like. But in the daytime. So I got the hint and I refused."

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