Did Babu make a mistake in the allotment of the Department..!?

 *Would it have been better if the Department of Mines had been allotted to Gottipati Ravi?
* Gottipati's position as minister of Power is on the line.
* Has there been injustice in the matter of allotment of the department to Gottipati?

Among the prominent leaders of tdp, gottipati ravikumar is at the forefront. Gottipati ravi, who won as mla from addanki constituency of bapatla district, has a good name in the party. gottipati ravikumar, who studied B.Tech, was allotted the power department by Chandrababu. But Gottipati ravi has an unexpected level of experience in the mining sector. It is noteworthy that Gottipati ravi is a granite merchant by nature. In 2004, gottipati ravikumar, who contested from Martur in prakasam district and won as mla for the first time, contested from Addanaki in 2009 and won. As part of the re-distribution of constituencies, Martur was canceled and he had to shift to Addanki. In 2014, he contested from ycp and won as mla once again. But Gottipati ravi joined tdp in the year 2016 due to different reasons.
Gottipati, who won as an mla in the 2019 and 2024 elections, has a good reputation locally. kollu ravindra was allotted the Department of Mines and comments were heard that Gottipati ravi was more fair to this department than him. It is noteworthy that opinions are being expressed that allocating the power department to Gottipati ravi will not bring much benefit. It is noteworthy that gottipati ravikumar also has a good name as a businessman. Gottipati ravi is very happy after getting the post of minister for the first time. Gottipati ravi is under the knife of the electricity department's comments. It would have been better if Babu had taken more care in the matter of allotment of departments. It is noteworthy that Gottipati ravi is fully satisfied with the department assigned to him. Chances are it will take a lot of time to build awareness about the Gottipati ravi electricity Department.

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