Would that department have been better for Nimmala Ramanaidu..!?

-Nimmala ramanaidu has a grip on the cooperative sector.
-Experience in fighting farmer issues.
-Cooperation and agriculture would be good.

Chandrababu has finally allocated departments to ministers. Two days after the cabinet was sworn in, he did not allocate portfolios to the ministers. However, looking at the allocation of departments, there is no doubt that an experienced cm like Chandrababu would allocate departments like this. cabinet composition means many equations to look at. The efficiency of the government is revealed only by the composition of the cabinet. However, it is not possible to give opportunities to all competent people in the cabinet. Even if some do not have the power, they have to be given ministerial posts. There is a feeling that the allotment of departments to the ministers has been delayed due to the implementation of these equations. But Nimmala ramanaidu from Godavari district has been allotted the water resources development department.
Nimmala ramanaidu has previous experience as the president of a cooperative society. There is a complete understanding of the workings of cooperative societies. It would have been better if Nimmala ramanaidu was given a ministerial post in that field. Also, Nimmala ramanaidu came from an agricultural family. He participated in many farmers' movements in Godavari districts. The problems of the farmers were often brought to the attention of the government and many struggles were fought.

Judging from that background, the Agriculture department would have been a good suit for Nimmala Ramanaidu. There is an opinion that Nimmala ramanaidu would have been better in the Department of Cooperation and Agriculture. It can be said that giving Chandrababu a chance to become the minister of Water Resources is a sword for him. india Herald hopes that as a person of the Godavari district, he will play an active role in the construction of the polavaram project.

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