Discussion intensifies in jharkhand about Kalpana Soren…

Jharkhand currently has a JMM-led Champai Soren government. There are currently two ministerial vacancies in the cabinet. In such a situation, it is being told that new ministers will be appointed soon. Sources said that apart from former cm Hemant Soren's wife and newly elected mla of Gandey assembly constituency Kalpana Soren, an mla from the congress quota can be made a minister.

On Thursday, jharkhand congress in-charge Ghulam ahmed Mir and state congress president Rajesh Thakur met cm Champai Soren. It is believed that during this time there was also a discussion about the political situation after the lok sabha elections and the cabinet. According to sources, the cabinet will be expanded before the monsoon session of the assembly is convened.

2 new ministers will be appointed in Jharkhand

Congress quota minister Alamgir Alam, who holds the number two position in the jharkhand government, was arrested by the ED on May 15 in the tender commission scam. Since then he is in jail in judicial custody. When he did not resign from the post of minister even after several days of going to jail, questions started being raised on the government. After this, on june 7, cm Champai Soren took back all the departments under the responsibility of Alamgir Alam.

Finally, Alamgir Alam resigned from the post of minister on june 10. Now, the names of the MLAs from the congress quota who have emerged as contenders for the post of minister in his place include Jamtara mla Dr. Irfan Ansari and Mahagama mla Deepika Pandey Singh. There are two bases for Dr. Irfan Ansari's claim for the post of minister. The first is that Alamgir Alam was a Muslim minority face in the government, so his replacement can be from this community.

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