Divya Maderna was standing with the gandhi family?

Former rajasthan MLA divya Maderna has attacked the bjp for using her photo to target the Congress. Actually, a photo of the gandhi family was being shared through some social media handles, in which it was being claimed that the woman seen in the picture with the gandhi family is Kulwinder Kaur who attacked kangana Ranaut. In fact, the woman seen in the picture is not Kulwinder but divya Maderna.

This photo was being shared through different social media handles to attack sonia gandhi and rahul Gandhi. Claiming that Kulwinder was in the picture, it was being said that "This is the same Kulwinder Kaur who attacked kangana Ranaut. On whose orders this attack was carried out, we can understand by looking at the picture.''

BJP IT cell is frustrated - divya Maderna

On this, divya Maderna has slammed BJP. divya shared these social media posts on 'X' and wrote, ''BJP IT cell does not miss a moment to show its frustrated mentality. Since yesterday, my photo taken during the rajya sabha nomination of respected Mrs. sonia gandhi in rajasthan Assembly has been posted with wrong facts across the country and an attempt is being made to tarnish the image of the respected gandhi family by presenting me as CISF jawan Kulvinder Kaur.''

'Rahul gandhi is the sentinel of democracy'

Divya Maderna said, ''The public has understood the petty mentality of these people, now even if they adopt a thousand such tricks, the people of india have accepted respected rahul gandhi as the sentinel of democracy. While giving an interview to journalists, “Who Rahul?” This was the last joke to be made about rahul gandhi because after that, with the mandate of 2024, the country has said that rahul gandhi is a capable, intelligent, deep, hardworking politician and not a laughing stock. The public has given a befitting reply to the defamatory propaganda of the BJP. It is my resolution to raise the voice of the farmers of rajasthan state, which cannot be stopped at all.

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