'Lord ram attacked in elections...', Indresh Kumar targets BJP…

RSS leader Indresh Kumar has given a big statement on the results of the lok sabha elections. On thursday (June 13), he accused the ruling bjp of 'arrogance' and the opposition party's india Block of being 'anti-Ram'. He said that just look at the 2024 lok sabha elections, those who worshipped ram, but gradually became arrogant.

Indresh Kumar further said, "That party was declared the biggest party, but the full rights that it should have got, the power that it should have got, god stopped it due to arrogance. Those who opposed ram, they were not given any power at all. They did not give power to any of them. Even all of them together did not become number-1, they remained standing at number-2. Therefore, the justice of the Lord is not strange, it is true." Targeted without naming the ruling party or the opposition

In fact, at the 'Ramrath ayodhya Yatra Darshan Poojan' function in Kanota near Jaipur, the RSS national executive member said without naming the ruling party or the opposition that the election results reflect his viewpoint. In reference to the bjp, Indresh said, "The party which worshipped (Lord Ram) but became arrogant was stopped at 241, but it was made the largest party."

Indresh Kumar clearly referred to the india Block and said, "Those who had no faith in ram were stopped at 234 together. Look at the law of Ramrajya in democracy, those who worshipped ram but gradually became arrogant, that party emerged as the largest party, but the votes and power that they should have got, god stopped them due to their arrogance." The RSS leader said, "None of those who opposed ram were given power. Even all of them together were made number two. God's justice is true and joyful. Those who worship ram should be humble and those who oppose ram, god himself deals with them."

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