Public hearing organized, bjp ministers heard grievances…

A public hearing was organized today at the bjp headquarters. During this, hundreds of people from across the state put forward their years old problems in front of bjp leaders. Many bjp leaders were present in this public hearing and they heard the problems of the people. Efforts have been made to solve some cases immediately and the files of some cases have been prepared which will be sent to the government further. The time for this public hearing has been kept from 12 noon to 2 pm and so far the problems of about 250 people have been heard in it. Most of the cases were related to crime, land mafia and electricity problems.

What else did the hearing team come to light?

BJP State General Secretary Jitendra Gothwal, shravan Singh Bagdi, State Vice President Motilal Meena, State minister Mahendra Kumawat and Ajit Mandan heard the problems of the common people in the public hearing. During this, he informed that on the very first day of the public hearing in the bjp state office, many cases came to light, such as the creation of fake pattas, complaints of land grabbing and complaints of land mafias occupying the grazing land and cremation ground of villages. shravan Singh Bagdi said that all these problems will be resolved immediately, and he gave instructions to the concerned officials by calling them on the spot. Ajit Mandan also called the officials for immediate action on many cases.

No hearing on transfer.

In reality, when the matter of public hearing came up, many people had brought cases related to the transfer of teachers. However, their words were not heard. In this context, it was clearly said that only the troubled people are being heard.

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