Politics on religious issue rejected…

bjp, which went to the elections on the issue of ram mandir, had to face defeat after the construction of the temple. people want ram mandir but did not like to make it an issue. This is the reason why bjp got only 35 seats in UP. UP is the stronghold of Hindutva with the maximum number of seats. people have only given a warning that politics should not be done on religious issues but the government should be run from a political point of view. This matter was only for Uttar Pradesh, in many other states, people gave all the seats to BJP. people give importance to brotherhood, so people have given advice to the parties, if they do not recover from this shock, then we will have to see what happens next.

people have given a warning to the Modi government by defeating it in Ayodhya, winning 35 seats in UP and giving 240 seats in the whole country. There is no change in the government, what special have nitish kumar and Chandrababu Naidu, ministers from Kota, got? The only change that has come in this government is that there will be a slight change in the way of working. narendra modi has no experience of running a coalition government. If people like Advani and murli manohar joshi from his party are sidelined, then there will be problems in running a coalition government.

Now, there is an election for the speaker of the Lok Sabha. There are two possibilities in this. Either the former speaker will remain or someone else. Whether the speaker is from the ally party or from the bjp, this will be a matter to be seen. The politics of sabotage is done through the speaker. If the speaker is from another party, then the politics of sabotage will end. Therefore, the speaker will be from the bjp in any case.

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