SP mla Abu Azmi praised cm Eknath Shinde!!!

maharashtra chief minister Eknath Shinde called a special meeting for Eid ul Azha on friday (14 June). In this meeting, cm Shinde discussed all kinds of preparations and arrangements. maharashtra Samajwadi party mla Abu Asim Azmi also attended the meeting and placed his demands before the CM. On the other hand, Abu Azmi has praised cm Shinde fiercely after the demand was met. He said that we are grateful to chief minister Eknath Shinde for taking positive action on all issues like Bakrid slaughter house, transport etc. in the meeting called by the maharashtra government for Eid ul Azha.Abu Asim Azmi  on his social media account that "Chief minister Eknath Shinde had called a special meeting for Eid ul Azha (Bakra Eid), in which Municipal Commissioner, Municipal Officer, police Kashmir etc. were present. In this meeting, I put forward important demands along with the officials of Qureshi Jamaat Association and other members. chief minister Eknath Shinde positively assured to meet all the demands and ensured that there is no hindrance during Eid ul Azha (Bakra Eid)."

Azmi put this demand in front of CM

The chief minister agreed to the demand to waive the fee charged on animals in Deonar Slaughter house this year as it was waived last year. Free parking will be provided to the vehicles of traders and buyers in Deonar Slaughter House. Drinking water will be made free in Deonar Slaughter house and it will be ensured that the items sold in canteen etc. are sold at MRP. More cleaning staff will be appointed for cleaning the Deonar Slaughter House. A bank will be opened in the Deonar Slaughter house and ATM facilities will be provided so that traders and buyers can be at ease.

Wounded or sick animals are not bought for sacrifice, so traders themselves take special care of the animals in transport and load fewer animals. The chief minister agreed to the demand for exemption on animal transport in the entire state. Strict action will be taken against Bajrang Dal or anti-social elements who stop animal vehicles. On the complaint that sacrificial animals are stopped from coming to JP Infra in Mira Road, the chief minister asked the Commissioner to resolve the matter soon.

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