1000 rupees per month for college students.

Do you know when? Important announcement issued by the Chief Minister

 Tamil Nadu was the first to claim that exams like “NEET” were rigged. india is starting to say that today. We will definitely put an end to this scam one day. chief minister stalin has said that it is our responsibility.

 School education Festival

On behalf of the school education department, kudos to the government school headmasters who made 100 percent pass in the 10th and 12th standard general examination. Congratulations to students who have passed 100% in tamil subject in public examination. tamil Nadu chief minister M.K.Stalin participated in the grand ceremony including giving TAB to the teachers of primary education department.

Speaking to the students after this, he said that when the exam results came, I called our minister Mahes and said, “After the election conduct rules are completed, the first government function I will attend should be this appreciation function. Make arrangements for it. Accordingly, he said that he has participated in this function.

What are the plans of the tamil Nadu government?

Before attending this program when I asked about the programs our government is implementing for the students, I got a big list from the school education department. To name only some of the most important schemes, 16 lakh students will benefit from the “Breakfast Scheme”, 27 lakh students will benefit from “Illam Thirtak Udidhi”, 28 lakh students will be given skill training by “Nan Mutuvan”, 23 lakh students will benefit from the “Nunum Muthlavan” scheme. ”, “Reading Movement” benefiting 30 lakh students, “Counseling Box” named “Student Mind”, “School Management Committees” involving 23 lakh parents, “Namma School-Namma Uru Palli” project for improvement of government schools, “Nadamutum Science Laboratory” , “Rainbow Forum”,

A thousand rupees per month for college students

Moreover, there is another important scheme which provides Rs.1000/- per month to female students! That is the “New girl Project”. Whether it is the letters I received from the students or the students I met during this election campaign, many spoke very highly of this "Innovative Girl" project. The students happily said that they no longer have to wait for anyone to meet their small needs and the Rs 1,000 per month they get from this scheme is helping them with their needs.

I had said that the "Tamilapputalvan Project" which provides one thousand rupees per month will be implemented so that the happiness should be on the faces of the students as well. I am happy to announce on this platform that that thousand rupees will be given from the coming august as soon as you go to college.

World level competitions

He also takes our school students on foreign trips more and more. He continues his efforts to raise the school education sector of tamil Nadu to the world standard. It is the teachers who support him in such initiatives. It is the government's duty to appreciate those teachers! When schools opened on june 10, I even posted on social media that the mental health of students is important. sports are very important for that. Those who have won this medal will then have to participate in world level competitions. In the Thambi Udayanidhi initiative,

Our government is implementing many schemes for sports. Make use of it. I wish many Olympic champions from you. Now everything is on the web. A.I. Artificial intelligence has become a big talking point right now. It is very important to keep ourselves 'updated' with new developments. education is the only asset that no one can steal from you. But even more so, we see cheating in exam systems like “NEET”.

Definitely exempted from NEET exam

That is why we are strongly opposing it. tamil Nadu was the first to claim that exams like “NEET” were rigged. india is starting to say that today. We will definitely put an end to this scam one day. It is our responsibility. No social, economic or political situation should be an obstacle for you students to study. That is my thought. That is the policy of this Dravidian model government! stalin said.

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