It will not work Jagan.. If the mouth is good, the city will be good.!

In our past, elders did not just say some proverbs. They used to say such proverbs that they had a lot of experience. Those sayings are setting the record straight for some people in the present day. The leaders of YSR Congress party should be mentioned among them. Jaganmohan reddy became the cm of andhra pradesh after YSR Congress party came to power in 2019 election with a complete majority. Most of the schemes given by him were implemented. But it can be said that they have seriously failed in that one respect only.

They started criticizing the opposition leaders of the other party on family terms rather than politics. They thought that there was no future for them in politics. tdp leaders who have a lot of seniority were severely criticized and humiliated because once again Ma Jagananna will win. And the tdp leaders were very tolerant and patient and tried hard for victory. In addition, the character of the leaders was told so that the people could understand them. He explained to the people what will happen to our situation if such leaders rule us. They have been saying that jagan is a danger to us. At the same time three parties Janasena, tdp and BJP formed an alliance.

In addition to this, the main media, social media and other media have all started highlighting Jagan. However, jagan and all the lower class leaders did not stop speaking provocative words. In this way, they were the key cause of Jagan's defeat. Due to this, the people felt insecure and voted for the tdp alliance. They did the same when Chandrababu came to power after the 2014 elections. At that time people went into insecurity and ycp won. The ycp also did the same and again gave power to the alliance. Looking at this, political analysts believe that the saying that if the mouth is good, the city will be good, YSP is well set.

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