Competition for the post of ap speaker... Babu made the final?

A new government was recently formed in the state of Andhra Pradesh. On this occasion, Nara chandrababu naidu was sworn in as Chief Minister, while power star pawan kalyan was sworn in as Deputy Chief Minister. chandrababu naidu has also assigned departments to 24 ministers. And now all eyes are on who will be the new speaker of andhra pradesh state.

But actually, the MLAs are afraid of working as the speaker of andhra pradesh state. Kodala Shivprasad, who previously served as Speaker...not only lost the election...he died due to some reasons. After that when ycp came to power... Jaganmohan reddy government handed over the responsibility of Speaker of ap to Tammineni Sitaram. But after assuming that post, tammineni sitaram lost the last election.

MLAs are afraid to take up the post of Speaker due to this. But ... Chandrababu is ready to give Ayyannapatra ... Protem Speaker and then the speaker's responsibilities as well. From the beginning, there was a campaign that Raghuramakrishna Raju, gorantla butchaiah Chaudhary, Dhulipalla narendra and Ayyannapatra would make one of these four speakers. But finally Chandrababu Naidu decided to give this post to Ayyannapatra.

It seems that Dulipalla is ready to give the post of government whip to Narendra. Dulipalla narendra has the experience of winning as mla many times. And during Jaganmohan Reddy's rule.... Dhulipalla narendra and Ayyannapatra fought a lot. Saved the party. That is why they want to give the post of speaker to Ayyannapatra and the post of government whip to Narendra. It is reported that Raghuramakrishna Raju and gorantla butchaiah Chaudhary have a chance to get posts in the future.

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