Devineni has to be silent for five years..!?

- Will avinash be targeted hard..!
- tdp can also see houses and businesses on eluru Road.
-  Avinash's condition will not be the same as in the last five years.

The tdp leaders are also getting ready to check the ycp leaders who were angry while they were in power. In terms of government, Chandrababu is saying that he should stay away from such politics. However, the stigma that has grown in the mind, the atrocities committed by the previous YSP when it was in power, cannot be removed from the tdp leaders so easily. So they are making their own efforts. In this order, some leaders are turning the wheel centered on devineni avinash, who is the YSP in-charge of the eastern constituency of Vijayawada, who lost in this election. It is a fact that pressure was increased on the tdp leaders by the police in the previous government. At that time, party sections alleged that he had filed cases with the police against key leaders, especially Pattabhi, who were in Vijayawada.
Also, on social media, severe criticism was made of their families. Also, Avinash's followers attacked the family of their own mla Gadde Rammohan. Due to this, Gadde Satimani and Anuradha were brought to tears on one occasion. All these consequences, now the party leaders are supporting. If avinash says anything, they are getting ready to file cases against him. Moreover, Avinash's house on eluru Road, the planning of other business complexes, and the structure of buildings are also being examined by the tdp leaders. If the constructions undertaken in these are against the rules, they are also expected to be demolished. They decided to do everything according to the rules even if there was pain in their hearts. In this context, observers say that Avinash's condition will not be the same as it was in the last five years.

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