Who is the highest-paid chief minister in the country?

Chief Ministers in india have their salaries based on their salary as well as benefits as per the rules implemented in their respective states. Especially, many may not know which state cm gets the highest salary. Many people have a doubt whether they will actually have a salary. Especially the difference in salaries of the chief ministers of the states in the country is certain. However, the Chief Ministers are provided with the security of accommodation vehicles in the country and freedom to travel anywhere in the country and in various foreign countries.

Many governments in the country have their own planes and helicopters. Currently, there are 28 states and 8 Union Territories in the country. Each State chief minister has a separate salary as constructed by the State Assembly. Especially the Chief Minister's salary has nothing to do with the central government. Also, Dearness Allowance is also included in the Chief Minister's life. And when it comes to the salary of Chief Ministers by state.

1). chief minister of andhra pradesh -3,35,00

2). chief minister of Telangana-4,10,000

3). chief minister of Delhi-3,90,000

4). Maharashtra-3,40,000

5). chief minister of Gujarat-3,21,000

6). chief minister of Uttar Pradesh-3,65,000

7). chief minister of Himachal Pradesh-3,10,000

8). chief minister of Jharkhand-2,55,000

9). haryana Chief Minister-2,88,000

10). chief minister of Madhya Pradesh-2,30,000

11). chief minister of Chhattisgarh-2,30,000

12). chief minister of Punjab-2,30,000

13). chief minister of Goa-2,20,000

14). chief minister of Bihar-2,15,000

15). chief minister of West Bengal-2,10,000

16). chief minister of tamil Nadu-2,05,000

17). chief minister of Karnataka-2,00,000

18). chief minister of Sikkim-1,90,000

19). chief minister of Odisha-1,60,000

Based on this, it can be said that the telangana chief minister gets the highest salary. andhra pradesh cm chandrababu naidu is in the fifth position. But it can be said that this whole life depends on the respective states.

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