Minister Anita is sure to shake those ycp leaders?
• Anita who turned honesty into a weapon and became the home minister
• Roja, Kodali nani, vallabhaneni vamsi, and Vanitha have no more spots
TDP came to power after winning with a huge majority over YCP. TDP  chief Chandrababu took a decision by allotting the home department to Vangalapudi Anita, an sc woman who won as mla of Payakapuram. Anita has endured the harassment of ycp for the last five years and worked hard for the party without fearing the illegal cases filed against her by the Jagan government. Also, he voiced his party's voice in the media by confronting the leaders like nani kodali nani and vallabhaneni vamsi who were provoked by the scandals of the previous government. Anita is recognized as the only TDP  woman leader who can lock horns at the same level as Roja, the brand ambassador of ycp woman leader Bootula. Anita is no ordinary leader. Anita is the sweet child of the Madiga race, named for honesty. That is what keeps her at this level. Anita can eloquently make her voice heard and can even outwit her opponents. When Anita was in the opposition, she stood against the injustices against women and proved that she can fight for justice for the victims.
It must be said that Taneti Vanitha, who previously served as the home minister during the ycp regime, has further degraded the dignity of that post. home minister Vanitha is the only woman who supported the criminal saying that if a woman was raped, he went to steal and did not go with that intention. Also, Vanita's comments saying that the negligence of the victims' parents is the reason for the rape of women in the state became a sensation at that time. Former home minister Vanitha buried her political career by washing her hands of women as a home Minister. Anita, who had previously queued up in front of her house to arrest her, is now standing for her safety, the officers who did not even give time to listen to her voice are now making Anita wait for her orders. There is a big difference between Anita, who worked hard for the party and got the position. He also has the ability to shake these ycp leaders who have troubled him and the people. So surely Anita should shake these ycp leaders.

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