Ambati Rambabu's hard work... !

- Rambabu is ready to meet the threat

- Pawan will be personally targeted and strengthened - Sena and tdp ranks

are looking to find him ( amaravati - india Herald) Rambabu. Former minister of YCP. The leader who lost badly from Sattenapally. But we also know that throughout his time in office, he used caustic language to attack the opposition. However.. time did not come together. The party that believed was defeated. Even where he trusted Dr.. he faced the same fate. The current state of affairs is intolerable as a result. Furthermore, Pawan and Chandrababu remained unified during their rule. Without a doubt, the tdp and Jana Sena are now pursuing Ambati Rambabu. Whenever and wherever Pawan talked, Ambati chastised him bitterly. Pawan Kalyan.. there are many occasions where he has claimed that kalyan is in the name itself.. that is why he had three marriages.. he could not do justice to even one of them. 

Moreover.. Pawan also commented that he will not work as a ward member. He made comments on Chandrababu saying that his age has passed.. Time has come to send him to the old age home.. Also.. Nara Lokesh was also severely criticized. Also, they supported dancing during Sankranti . Like.. Rambabu displayed his mouth beam. However.. now the ships have gone. ycp has become a mess. With this, Ambati has become a target for both tdp and Jana Sena. Both sides are crossing swords. Even if Rambabu doesn't want to earn big to hurt him financially.. his business style.. aggression will definitely be trampled. Oral thrush is also treated. Especially what he has done as the minister of Water Resources will be taken. It is not surprising that he has taken action in addition to being exposed if he has committed corruption. In light of the criticism directed on Pawan's family, there is a chance that more attacks from the Jana Sena will occur. Whenever and wherever Pawan talked, Ambati chastised him bitterly. Pawan Kalyan—the word "Kalyan" appears in the name.

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