What did ukraine say about Putin's conditions?

Ukrainian President Zelensky said that Putin's warnings cannot be trusted. This is not at all different from his earlier offer. Speaking at the G7 summit in Italy, Zelensky compared Putin's strategies to Adolf Hitler's occupation of a large part of europe in the 1930s and 40s.

He said, "He talks about the territories of our country and says that he will not stop. This is exactly what Hitler did. When he said 'Give me a part of Czechoslovakia and that's the end of it', you cannot trust it. We should not trust his messages, because he follows exactly the same (Hitler's) path."

Ukrainian Presidential Advisor Mykhailo Podolyak described Putin's conditions as 'aggressive'. He urged Ukraine's allies not to be confused and stop taking Russia's proposals seriously. "There is nothing new, no genuine peace proposal, and no desire to end the war," remarked Podolyak.  But there is a desire not to pay the price of this war and continue it in new forms. All this is a complete sham."

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry described Putin's statements as a cunning statement made to mislead the international community and undermine diplomatic efforts to achieve peace. According to the ministry, "Putin organized, prepared, and carried out the most massive armed aggression in europe since World war II with his allies. It is ridiculous that he is now portraying himself as a broker of peace."

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