That's why Yanamala didn't get the post of minister..!?

- Babu who is going to give a bumper gift.
- governor Giri in tdp quota.
-Chandrababu wants to see Yanamala as the governor.

The wisdom of Yanamala is to constantly consider the interests of the state and the future of the party. This background brought him closer to Chandrababu. In the eyes of Chandrababu, he made a farmer. That's why, even if he lost, even if he didn't contest in the actual public arena, the positions were dried up. Not only between 2014-19 but even before that, Chandrababu treated him with respect. He was given the post of Speaker. He was also given the membership of the Polit Bureau in the party. Babu's principle is to tell Yanamala and do it before making important decisions.
Such movements have no place in the cabinet this time. Everyone thought that he would come, that he would be the Minister's seat, that he would be the Finance Minister. Almost everyone has come to a conclusion. But, exceptionally this time there is no place for Yanamala in Chandrababu's team. Everyone was surprised at once. Due to this, the Yanamala affair naturally became interesting. Generally, the leaders at the national level are obsessed with the President. This is a big problem. We need all the support of the parties. But, governor Giri is not a big problem for local state-level leaders. governor can be done with one decision. It seems that Chandrababu wants to see Yanamala as the governor in the context of Palukubadi in the center now.

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