Jagan: Rushikonda Palace...Bathtub Rs.26 Lakhs..?

Telugu Desam party is targeting Jaganmohan reddy after the defeat of the ycp party in andhra pradesh state. Telugudesam social media is also posting controversial posts on Jaganmohan reddy if you get a chance here. Already... two days ago Telugu Desam party posted a sensational post saying jagan is a furniture thief. She alleged that all the furniture bought with government money is in Jagan's house.

But with ycp giving a strong counter to this... now it has brought a new issue to the fore. Rushikonda posted a controversial post referring to the buildings. It is known that Jaganmohan reddy built Rushikonda Palace. jagan Mohan reddy wanted to manage the regime from there. New buildings were built there for that purpose. But recently TDP MLA Ganta Srinivasa Rao... went to that palace and released some photos.

On this occasion, every room in Rushikonda's building was inspected... not leaving the bathrooms in it... and posted on social media. On this occasion, ganta srinivasa rao alleged that Jaganmohan reddy spent 500 crores on this palace. Moreover, he said that he spent 26 lakh rupees on a bathroom... he wasted public money to give a gift to his wife YS Bharti... they were furious.

However... YCP social media also gave a strong counter to this. It revealed that the buildings built on top of Rushikonda were not for Jaganmohan reddy but were government buildings. The ycp has made it clear that whoever is the Chief Minister... they... can use those buildings. Chandrababu, the four-time chief minister, has denied that he ever worked for the development of Visakhapatnam. It has been revealed that Jaganmohan reddy has not wasted people's money anywhere. The green media is angry that it will spread unnecessary propaganda on Jaganmohan Reddy.

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