Why did india not sign? - Biggest reason...

Russia and india have a long history together. The Russian Empire established its first commercial mission in 1900 while india was under british rule, but ties between the two nations improved throughout the Cold War. Since gaining independence, india has always had sympathy for the Soviet Union. Political scientist Pillai Rajeshwari of the Observer Research Foundation has claimed that India's affinity for russia did not disappear with the conclusion of the Cold War. India's position remained unchanged during the conflict in Ukraine. 

What is the rationale behind India's aggressive response to Western pressure? Many individuals think that India's position is not new, even though their speech has become more forceful. India's response to the US invasion of iraq in 2003 was similar. According to Stanley Johnny, India's historical posture is not much different from not denouncing russia for its invasion of ukraine and abstaining from voting in the UN condemnation resolution.

The primary deterrent to signing

The friendship between russia and india is the main deterrent to signing. Since russia was not present at this conference, india wants peace, but not on conditions that are exclusive. india has to make this stand as a result. india believes that a united front between russia and ukraine is essential before any decisions are made. so that after hearing both views, the world might come to an agreement or opinion. It appears that russia was not invited to this conference, if the news is accurate. china and Pakistan, on the other hand, were invited to join, but they both declined.

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