The recent demolition near Jagan's house has sparked controversy and speculation in political circles. It all began when ghmc officials, under the orders of zonal commissioner Bhorkhade hemant Sahadeorao, demolished sheds that were allegedly causing traffic congestion due to encroachment. This action, sanctioned by Sahadeorao, immediately drew attention, especially because of its timing and the subsequent transfer of Sahadeorao by the state government.

Critics and supporters alike are questioning whether politics influenced these events. The demolition occurred just days after Jagan's party lost power, leading some to speculate that it was a retaliatory move orchestrated by the telugu desam party (TDP) government in andhra pradesh, possibly with involvement from chief minister N. Chandrababu Naidu. This suspicion is fueled by historical connections between key figures involved—Revanth Reddy, currently in power, and Naidu, who once mentored him during their time in the TDP.

Jagan's supporters argue that the sheds were essential for security purposes, although it's noted that jagan himself seldom visits the house, which is primarily occupied by his sister and andhra pradesh Congress Committee president, Sharmila.

In response to these developments, the revanth reddy government swiftly transferred 30 junior-level IPS officers, including new Superintendents of police for various districts, which further adds to the perception of political maneuvering at play.

Overall, the sequence of events—demolition, immediate transfer of officials, and subsequent police reshuffle—has raised eyebrows and fueled speculation about underlying political motives, potentially aimed at undermining jagan and his political allies.

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