Rammohan Naidu: A role model for telugu youth..!!

- Union minister post at a young age.
- He fought in parliament and showed it in AP.
- Big boost to ap development?

Andhra Pradesh state politics has changed once and for all. The tdp alliance won with an absolute majority. He has become a kingmaker in the politics of the country by getting amazing seats in the parliament as well. It seems that Kinjarapu Rammohan Naidu, who won as a young and dynamic mp from tdp, is currently preparing plans to take andhra pradesh state to great development. Rammohan Naidu, who has achieved a hat-trick victory in srikakulam district, has been recognized by the central government as a minister. In the past, he has raised his voice on many issues, including special status and pending issues. Such Kinjarapu family has a good reputation in the srikakulam district. According to factors like youth, social class, and loyalty, he was given the opportunity to be the Union Minister. He was well known for being inclusive and raising issues in the Lok Sabha. His father Errannaidu also served as Union minister in the past. He was able to achieve a hat trick because of his deep understanding of the issues. As such, he won hat-trick in 2014, 2019 and 2024 elections. Rammohan Naidu has earned a good reputation as the son of his father. He made the srikakulam Lok Sabha seat his bronze fort. He won the latest election with a margin of 3,27,000 votes. However, Rammohan Naidu, who is a key leader of the tdp, which is in partnership with the NDA, took oath as the Civil Aviation minister, which is very important to him. The state of andhra pradesh has a lot of hopes for him. Let's see what are the challenges ahead of him.
 Rammohan Naidu, who has already raised his voice in parliament for special status to andhra pradesh, is likely to get special status. Because of the alliance of tdp, which plays a key role in the country's politics, there is a possibility of bringing the special status and railway zones, where the necks of the central leaders are bent. Besides, he who is the minister of Civil Aviation says that steps should be taken to develop Bhogapuram airport and other airports in the state. With this, it seems likely that the minister will focus on the Bhogapuram Green Field international airport, compensation payments to displaced persons, resettlement accommodation, and infrastructure. Besides, it is likely to play a vital role in diverting funds from the central government to the state. In this way, people are hoping that Rammohan Naidu will play a key role in the development of Andhra Pradesh. Let's see what kind of development will happen in andhra pradesh under his rule.

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