The image of nimmala ramanaidu will increase in a big way..!!?

- If the linking of rivers is completed then the name of Nimmala is in gold letters.
- Many other projects are also pending in the state.
-The problems regarding water release are still the same.

It must be said that the coming five years are also very crucial for Palakollu mla nimmala ramanaidu, who has taken up the responsibilities of the State Water Resources Minister. There is no doubt that his name will live on forever by making the important polavaram project run smoothly. Now, not only polavaram, other projects are also pending in the state.

Varikapudisela: This project, which provides water to about a thousand acres in Palnadu district, is becoming a controversy from time to time. Moreover, this project is facing many problems with the allocation of funds. In the past, jagan did the opening ceremony for this, but later he didn't care.
The genealogical works like Varadaini of uttarandhra people have also stopped here and there. These works were started during Chandrababu's regime in the past. But, when ycp came, it stopped because of a lack of funds. The problem of funds has become the main obstacle to this project which will benefit Vijayanagar and odisha too. As a result, the project is not moving forward. They say that if you have the cooperation of Nimma if this is done, good things will happen.

Veligonda: This project will benefit the people of Ummadi prakasam district as well as Nellore. This too has passed through many primary difficulties and is in the middle position. Even though ycp has completed the Weligonda tunnel works, the problems regarding water release are still the same. Also, the connection works of Budameru Canal in Vijayawada, Pennanadi in Anantapur, and kaveri river are to be completed. If these are completed, the image of Nimma will increase in a big way. His commitment will also end with gold letters.

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