Pawan's difficulty to speak out on public issues..!?

* The party was founded in 2014.

* Defeat in two seats in 2019.

* Entry into assembly in 2024.

Pawan kalyan founded a political party called janasena in the year 2014. He entered the election in 2019. As part of that, he contested in two assembly seats and lost in both. Apart from Pawan's dream of becoming CM, even his dream of going to the assembly was not fulfilled at that time. As much as he was disappointed by it, his fans and leaders were also upset. They all felt that their favorite actor and politician should definitely go to the assembly and speak about people's problems there. The elections of 2024 have come. Not only did pawan kalyan contest from the pithapuram constituency, he is now in a new mood as everyone who contested from his party won. assembly meetings started yesterday.
Pawan kalyan stepped into the assembly for the first time and took oath as an MLA. The wish of his fans and leaders has been partially fulfilled. The second desire is to speak out on public issues. In this regard, his fans and public servants are having a bit of trouble. Why are telugu Desam, janasena, and bjp contested together in this election? ycp contested alone. pawan kalyan would have spoken about Gonteti's issues if the ycp had won a large number of seats and the party was in power.

If not, now Telugudesam is in power. Since pawan kalyan is also present in it, can he talk about public issues so strongly..? Can he dare to speak out about public issues..? Doubt comes from many people. If pawan kalyan also raised these issues on TDP, then he would be successful.
But as he doesn't talk much about public issues, Pawan Kalyan's fans and public servants have always been waiting for Pawan Kalyan's art of speaking loudly in the assembly, but this time too, it will not be fulfilled. Many people are of the opinion that it will be difficult for Pawan if any party or whoever does not raise public issues.

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