Will Chandrababu Naidu's 12 promises be fulfilled..!?

* Steps have already been taken towards the implementation of some promises.
* If the 12 main promises are fulfilled, there is no turning back for Babu.
* Will Babu rule without giving ycp a chance to criticize?

AP cm chandrababu naidu has experience of 14 years as chief minister and 15 years as leader of the Opposition. At the age of 74, Chandrababu became cm again with his talent. There are comments in the political circles that Babu will not have a chance for another five years. Although Chandrababu has given dozens of promises, the main promises are 12.Comments are being heard that if those 12 promises are implemented exactly as stated, Chandrababu will not be able to turn around, and even the ycp leaders will not have a chance. Steps have already been taken towards the implementation of some promises and those promises will be implemented from July 1. It can be said that if Chandrababu implements the 12 promises he has given, there will be no turning back.
Chandrababu's promises include some sensational promises. It remains to be seen from when the implementation of guarantees like pension at the age of 50 will be done. The faster these types of assurances are implemented, the faster the positivity will increase among the people. Opinions are being expressed that it would be better if Babu's steps are taken carefully in the matter of salary hikes for volunteers.

Many challenges are also facing financially if the promises made by chandrababu naidu are to be implemented. However, media favor is going to be a plus for Babu. It can be said that no matter what Babu does, the chances of opposition from the media will be less. But if a plan is prepared and the plan is disclosed and the promises are implemented, there is a chance for Babu to be a plus.

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