Which of PM Modi's china policy decisions infuriated Pakistanis?

India forbade china from operating passenger flights following the Doklam crisis. india refused to remove the prohibition, even at the Dragon's request. It is being spoken about globally. pakistan, a neighboring country, appreciates PM Modi's action in this sequence. Experts from the adjacent nation are also incensed with their leaders. 

In this segment, US-based politician Sajid Tarar, who appeared on popular YouTuber Qamar Cheema's show, claimed that while Pakistani people set fire to their own clothing, indians do not permit their clothing to be set on fire. They have all shut down their companies. Additionally, he stated that cargo flights continue to operate even though india has prohibited passenger flights from China.

"Pakistan will lose if it plays dirty with India."

Sajid Tarar claims that although Pakistan's state is dire, india would not be impacted by Pakistan's attitude. people are dying, and inflation is a burden on your people. india is conducting business with china, not displaying its intense animosity toward them. india is aware of the benefits commerce has for its citizens. india purchases the good from where it is available, whereas we purchase oil from where it is most affordable.

Why does pakistan receive no investment?

He claims that with regard to investment in pakistan, a Chinese minister visited pakistan, forced the leaders to take a seat, and asked them to pledge support. This is the exact scenario that America used to protest, sitting in front of the world, saying that such an act ought never to occur. india is going through a difficult period, but things have gotten worse in Pakistan. Sajid Tarar asserted that pakistan cannot be economically robust without internal security.

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