Warmth in India-US relations again, closeness to stop dragon...

There are signs of improvement and warmth in India-US relations again. Recently, in a meeting with G-7 countries, PM Modi met and had a meaningful conversation with US National Security Advisor Jack Slevin. It is believed that once again the relations between india and America can improve. There was a lot of change in America's stance just before the lok sabha elections. America also commented on the arrest of delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. 

America also commented on the seizure of Congress' bank account and the implementation of caa by the government before the elections. Apart from America, germany also made a statement in this matter. After that, India's Foreign Ministry also objected to that comment. It was said by the Foreign Ministry that America should avoid interfering in India's internal matters. Instead, America should work on finding solutions to its own matters. Since then, relations with America had soured a bit, but the G-7 summit in italy saw closeness between America and India.

Agreement on many development works

As soon as the third term of the Modi government began, the work of taking forward the bilateral relations between india and America has begun. There are possibilities of talks between the two for cooperation in matters like business, technology and space. Both the countries have set targets in a wide range of areas from defense to communication and from space to semiconductors. There has been an agreement to work on resolving the problems arising in trade and space cooperation between the two countries. There was also a talk between the foreign ministries of both the countries in which diplomatic and strategic challenges in the Indo-Pacific region were discussed. A bilateral strategy was made on china from both the countries. There has been an agreement between the US and india to create a fund of 5 million dollars for telecommunications, autonomous vehicles and machine learning etc. Improving relations between india and America are an important and special topic. Both countries are trying to strengthen and deepen their relations through cooperation and agreements in various fields.

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