Will Chandrababu take advantage of this opportunity..!?

-Will Chandrababu achieve partition promises?
-Will he take advantage of the opportunity?
-Chandrababu will get special status for the state.

The difficulties faced by the divided andhra pradesh are many. The division of the state was done without any will. The difficulties of the division are not focused much due to the narrow-mindedness of the leaders. Even if the division is done against our will, it does not mean that the compensation is right. As an eye-wiping measure, the promises made by the then prime minister as a witness to the parliament during the partition have not been implemented till now. There is no situation in delhi to settle that matter.
In 2014, even if the tdp was in the bjp coalition, it was a situation where they could not open their mouths. That is why tdp did not demand much about the guarantees of partition. There is no special status. It is a situation that cannot be accepted if it is settled with the package. polavaram has to come to terms with the national status. Even if that package was given, it does not mean that it was given correctly. Even Chandrababu remained silent for four years at that time. He did not show sincerity in achieving the promises of state division.

After that, jagan came to power in 2019. On the first day, he held a press meet in delhi and raised his hands. The bjp government has a full majority at the center. They will not give us whatever we ask, but we have to beg for it. He made it clear that he stopped asking. With this, the special status is completely stuck. And some key guarantees have also suffered the same fate.

But now the scene has changed. For the first time after Modi became the prime minister, a minority government was formed by the BJP. In that too, tdp became the second largest party in NDA. Now Modi needs Chandrababu's support. And will Chandrababu take advantage of this situation? parliament meetings are starting from today. It has to be seen whether Chandrababu will get special status for the state. Will he complete the polavaram by providing funds? Will he get the infrastructure of the new capital? Will he provide funds under grants? Chandrababu has an opportunity that jagan does not have. Let's see how much he will take advantage of that opportunity.

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