Polavaram project completion is the only Brahmastra in Chandrababu's hands..!

- Better to leave it to the center with a special bill of Parliament

- The bill has to be passed in the parliament with the coalition MPs

- There is no risk for Babu if he puts it in the hands of the Centre

(Godavari - Herald of India)

CM Chandrababu is taking very careful steps regarding the polavaram project. The first tour was also undertaken on this project. Asantham examined. He also knew what works would be completed and how much funds would be required for which works. So.. He also said that there is no work to be done now. Moreover, the officials said that it will take four years for each work and it will take five to eight years to complete the project.

At a time like this, there is a need to deal strategically in Parliament. Water drainage experts say that it is better to pass the responsibility of the polavaram project to the center by introducing a separate bill in the parliament in the background of not completing the project that we once took to build. electricity should be given under the share of the center whether it is state or center. Similarly, taxes should be paid.

So, if Chandrababu instead of bearing the risk leaves it to the center..if he tries to give the funds from the state..the burden will be relieved to some extent. If the name is put aside.. first.. the work will be done. In this regard, he should get the bill passed by the tdp MPs. At the same time, if he himself puts some pressure on the center, this task will be easily accomplished.

Apart from that.. I will build the whole thing.. that means.. another five years will pass by... unless the project... it seems that there is no way to complete it. Observers say that if parliament is used as much as possible in this matter, it will benefit Chandrababu. Experts say that if the goal is to complete the project, it is better if it is the center. Otherwise, for funds.. every time the center has to survive.

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