Harish Rao in BJP.. What does that mp say..?

Politics in telangana state has changed in six months. Since the formation of a separate state, the BRS has ruled in unison. What kcr said has become Veda. And only harish rao and ktr became key leaders under him. Such BRS was taken out by the people in the 2023 elections and beaten to the ground. congress party was crowned. Due to this, all the MLAs and other leaders who won in BRS are not able to stay in BRS and do not know which party to join. After the assembly elections came the mp elections.

At least not even a single seat was won in the mp elections. This left BRS without any grip. kavitha has already been arrested. Also, there are reports that kcr and ktr will also be arrested. At this very moment, Pocharam, who was KCR's trusted pawn, had already joined the Congress. Besides, congress Chief minister Revanth reddy says that if we know the gates, the entire BRS will be empty. At the time of such allegations, there are reports that harish rao will also change the party.

 They say that if he goes, he will go to BJP. But medak BJP mp Raghunandan Rao made very interesting comments about harish rao joining the BJP. He informed us that if harish rao joins the BJP, our party will sincerely invite him, not only harish rao, but anyone who is in kcr BRS, whoever comes from kashmir to Kanyakumari, the party will invite him. Looking at Raghunandan Rao's words like this, some people are whispering that harish rao will join the BJP.

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