Three positions.. Big test for Babu..!

- The positions are less.. the leaders are more

- Babu has a big headache in the matter of priority

- Key positions for devineni Uma and Varla Ramaiah..!

(Amravati - Herald of India)

TDP chief and cm Chandrababu is going to face a big test. The party leaders have endured many expenses and worked hard to bring the coalition government. Many people have suffered tirelessly. Some were disappointed expecting tickets. Others also sacrificed their sitting positions.. as per Chandrababu's wish. Uddhanda leaders like devineni Uma, and Mantena Ramaraj... are among them. In this background now they are all waiting for Chandrababu Karuna. Because soon the matter of nominated posts in the state will come up for discussion.

The state ycp has formed corporations for 56 social classes. It also appointed chairmen and vice chairmen for these. However, they all resigned after the change of government. Now the TDP leaders are competing for the posts. However, those who have made sacrifices have less chance of getting these positions. Moreover, they also do not like to take these. With this, they are waiting for the creation of other nominated posts for them... or... for posts like State Planning Commission, amaravati Region Development Authority Chairman.

If we keep the key leaders aside, leaders are waiting for posts even caste-wise at the district level. For example, former minister Jawahar did not get a ticket this time. He is waiting for a suitable post for his level. Also, people like Janga krishnamurthy and Dokka Manikya Varaprasada Rao who came from ycp and worked for the party are also waiting. On the other hand, there are old guards, seniors... like Pratibha Bharti. Shamantakamani's daughter Yamini Bala is also waiting. Although the total number of posts is less, there are more leaders.

It seems that it is difficult to manage them.. to satisfy everyone.. etc. According to the current estimates, it seems that the post of rtc Chairman will be handed over to devineni Uma. Similarly, there is a possibility that Chandrababu will hold the post of Chairman of sc Corporation to varla ramaiah and the posts related to st to the seniors of the respective categories. However, as there are more people in BC, it remains to be seen how many of them will get the positions. No matter how we look at the whole.. there is no doubt that sending these positions to Chandrababu will be a big test.

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