Will those positions be fixed for varla ramaiah and Jawahar?

- In the past, the rajya sabha misses the bridegroom

- jawahar who gave up his mla seat for the party

- They are ranked in the first list of Babu's priority

(Godavari - Herald of India)

Both of them are the key leaders of sc social class.. They raised a strong voice on behalf of the telugu desam party when the party was in power.. when the party was defeated.. even when it was in difficulties. Now when the party came to power, Chandrababu had the responsibility to give posts to both of them in the background of their sacrifices and struggles.. They are not who they are.. One is senior party leader Varla Ramaiah.. The other leader is former minister KS. Jawahar.

Varla Ramaiah resigned from the police department and joined the party. He became an mp from tirupati in 2009 and contested for the assembly from pamarru in 2014 and was defeated twice by a narrow margin. In 2019, he sacrificed his seat for his younger brother Kumar Raja. Earlier, he came last for the rajya sabha seat and lost. In this election, Varla Thanayudu Kumar raja won as mla from pamarru and entered the Assembly. But as he has contested for the party twice in the past and is a senior leader, it is said that he will definitely be given a key post this time. The party sections are discussing that there is a candidate in the MLC race as well if it is a corporation post or...

KS. Jawahar:

Former minister jawahar left his teaching profession and joined the party. In the 2019 elections, he was a sitting mla and minister of Kovvur, but for the welfare of the party, he shifted to Tiruvur in krishna district and lost. Although he was not given a seat in this election, he worked hard for the party's victory. He was the party president of east godavari district in the party and swept the party in his district. This time there is a rumor that he will get MLC, but there are high expectations that he will be given the important post of sc Corporation Chairman. However, it is fair to give jawahar a key post.. even appropriate..!

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