Big defeat... jagan is following KCR..!

(Amravati - Herald of India)

No matter how much you think it is not, no matter how much you think it is, Telangana's former cm kcr and AP's former cm Jaganmohan reddy continued to be friends.. As long as they were Chief Ministers... kcr stepped down whenever... tension started in jagan too. jagan also stepped down from the CM's chair within six months. Now both of them have become former CMs. Moreover, revanth reddy and Chandrababu Naidu, who are common enemies of these two, are the CMs of two telugu states.

But now it seems that former ap chief minister jagan is following BRS leader and former telangana chief minister KCR. kcr could not accept the verdict of the people soberly in the assembly elections. In fact, he did not even come to the assembly to take oath on the first day. Having been the cm for ten years, he does not even want to show his true face to the people with the blow of a single defeat.

In addition to this, BRS did not get even a single seat in telangana in the recent parliamentary elections. Because of this, kcr does not like to come out to the farmhouse or anywhere. But now jagan doesn't want to come out on the kcr route.. to show his face to the people. jagan shifted to Bangalore to stay in his palace at Elahanka. There is no announcement from the party about how many days jagan will stay there.

With this, it seems clear that jagan will stay there for some years. jagan is very tense because of the concern that even if the programs are taken up for the party that won with 11 seats, they will fail. It is said that that is why kcr started the politics of taking a rest in the palace.

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