In a significant move by the newly established coalition government in andhra pradesh, a decision has been made to halt the controversial practice of providing a newspaper allowance to volunteers. Under the previous administration led by the ysr Congress, approximately 2.6 lakh volunteers across the state were receiving Rs 200 per month solely to purchase sakshi newspaper, owned by a prominent figure associated with the party.

This allowance was seen as a way to bolster circulation figures for sakshi, in addition to the regular advertising revenues the newspaper already received from the government. With the change in leadership to the TDP-JSP-BJP coalition, a decisive government Order has been issued to immediately terminate this "Sakshi" allowance for volunteers.

Previously, this expenditure amounted to a staggering Rs 5.3 crore per month, totaling around Rs 60 crore annually. Over a projected period of five years, the savings to the andhra pradesh government are estimated to reach an impressive Rs 300 crore. This decision effectively cuts off a significant financial flow that was benefiting Sakshi's circulation system and revenue stream.

The move underscores a clear shift in policy and a departure from past practices deemed to be financially draining and potentially biased towards specific media entities. It reflects the new government's commitment to fiscal prudence and transparency, aiming to redirect public funds towards more essential public welfare initiatives.

By ceasing the sakshi allowance, the coalition government not only seeks to curb unnecessary expenditures but also aims to eliminate undue influences on media consumption patterns driven by state-funded subsidies. This decision marks a bold step towards reforming governance practices in andhra pradesh, setting a precedent for fiscal responsibility and equitable distribution of public resources.

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