TDP is making the same mistake on jagan in Bengaluru too..

In the 2024 elections, the ycp party lost badly.. As part of the alliance, the tdp Janasena bjp parties got a great victory with 164 seats. But after the defeat, jagan among the activists and leaders is suggesting that they should take courage and move forward. Moreover, jagan said that he would start the yatra again in a few days. jagan recently reached Pulivendulu, his hometown, where the people gave him a warm welcome.

Yesterday, former cm Jaganmohan reddy also went to Bangalore. It seems that the tdp leaders are a little worried about this. Especially when jagan arrived in Bengaluru, the fans made a huge noise. Especially when some people came to meet jagan Mohan reddy in Bangalore.. What happened in such a case.. When some people came to meet jagan, they were angry that jagan left without meeting them. They raised slogans like jagan is down, psycho down.

But in that regard, ycp leaders are saying that they did this because tdp parties wanted to do this.. Apart from all this, videos are also becoming viral on social media.. But by doing this at Jagan's house, these are leading to more suspicions. But all these are just plots of the tdp party to spread evil propaganda. Looks very clear. There are also reports that proper ycp workers do not do this. In fact, many senior leaders are also saying that such slogans should be raised by any ycp worker. And the news is sounding like all this is just bad propaganda by tdp leaders.

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