Good news for the poor.. Chandranna insurance is 10 lakhs...!

Insurance is a must for anyone. If a person dies unexpectedly due to any accident or natural calamity, his dependents are at risk of falling on the road. Therefore, people with good knowledge and money buy life insurance. In case of accidental death, while doing so, the insured amount will go to the family. people who trust them will not face any financial problems.

And not only for those who have money, the central and state governments are also giving such insurance schemes to the poor. As a part of that, there is a scheme in the state of Andhra Pradesh during Chandrababu Naidu's government called Chandranna Bima which gives 3 lakh rupees to the deceased. After jagan came, it was increased to five lakhs in the name of Jagananna Bima. Recently, with the telugu desam party coming to power again, the amount of five lakhs has been increased to 10 lakhs in the name of Chandranna Bima. The telugu desam party has recently released many details related to this.

We have increased telugu Desam Party's Chandranna Bhima Scheme from 3 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs. The previous government changed the name to Jagananna Bhima but delayed the payment of insurance money properly. The telugu desam party has said not only to clear the insurance money for all those who did not get insurance money in the previous government but also to give money to their families very quickly even if they die in any way.

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