Telangana Political Game Changer..!! Many Twists..?

- 4th place for BRS, which has been ranked first for ten years, in the parliamentary race.
- congress, which was in the third position, is now the first rank in terms of power.
- Fall in assembly elections.

Since the formation of separate telangana in 2014, there have been interesting ups and downs in telangana politics. In these 10 years after the division of the state, the game called telangana Political Game Changer is running with exciting thrilling episodes. From 2014 to 2023, the BRS party continued its undisputed dominance in telangana for nine and a half years. Politically, kcr has become unstoppable. He won the 2014 as well as the 2018 bye-elections and ruled telangana as a single monarch for nine and a half years. In these nine and a half years, BRS has been at the number one rank politically in Telangana. But after the bifurcation of the state in 2014, the congress party was the main opposition. By the time of the 2018 elections, the congress was completely broke.
After losing that election, the bjp came forward in the war for the second position in Telangana. In the parliamentary elections held just 6 months after the 2018 assembly elections, while the bjp won four mp seats simultaneously, the congress matched with three seats. From there, the bjp under the leadership of Sanjay jumped and played the role of the main opposition to the BRS. Moreover, the bjp, which had achieved solid victories in the by-elections of Dubbaka and Huzurabad, has almost reached the stage of winning the seat in the Greater hyderabad elections. congress did not get a deposit in previous by-elections. bjp gave a tough fight and lost to BRS. With this, all the political pundits thought that the contest in the 2023 assembly elections would be between BRS vs. BJP.

But the bjp brought Sanjay out of telangana president's duties. At once the graph of the party fell. The congress, which was in the third position, rose up and won the victory under the leadership of revanth Reddy. congress came to power in telangana after ten years. If BRS is the main opposition to win 39 seats, bjp, which everyone thought would come to power, is in third place with only 8 seats. The strange thing is that the results of the parliamentary elections in the month of May, six months after the assembly elections, made the political game of telangana interesting again. BRS, which was ranked number one in telangana for nine and a half years, fell to the fourth position, not the third position.

The ruling congress and bjp won eight mp seats. mim retained the hyderabad Parliament seat. BRS did not get a single mp seat. That means the game has changed here. It should be said that BRS, which was in the first rank for nine and a half years, settled for the fourth position in the parliamentary elections. In the current situation, there is an interesting battle between congress and bjp for the number one position in Telangana. If the ruling congress is in the first position, then it should be said that the bjp is in the second position and the BRS is in the third position. In any case, the BRS party graph will fall heavily.

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