KCR and Jagan's overconfidence is the reason for the loss..!?

* Is that the reason for KCR's defeat?
* kcr organized many welfare schemes.
* kcr and Jagan's overconfidence is the reason for this situation..?

The leader of the BRS party kcr went on a fast-for-death for the telangana movement and participated strongly in the telangana movement. The congress party which was in power at the Center at that time declared a separate telangana to see if the situation would get out of hand. A separate state of telangana was formed on june 2, 2014. With this, kcr could not turn back from there. In 2014, kcr won the election in telangana and became the Chief Minister. After the formation of a new state, the coming to power of the trs party filled the leaders of that party with enthusiasm. kcr, who was responsible as the CM, organized many welfare schemes and reached out to the people. With this, kcr won the 2018 election as well. But in the last five years, the opposition has risen.
Meanwhile, kcr made a key decision by changing trs to BRS. But till then, the bjp fell to the third position, though it was in the second position of every party in the state. At the same time, the congress party intervened. The people of telangana, who were tired of KCR's rule in the last 10 years, restricted kcr this time. BRS lost the 2023 elections as they did not change those who were against the sitting MLAs. This time congress won a great victory. Also, kcr could not win without changing the sitting MLAs. But in Andhra Pradesh, jagan changed the sitting MLAs and lost badly. But they have a strong fan base among the people. They thought that people would vote for them. But unexpectedly, both kcr and jagan lost badly.

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