KCR: Those mistakes sunk KCR's career..?

kcr expressed confidence that he would score a hat-trick.

•Unable to satisfy the hunger of the unemployed.

• Family members are the first priority.

Kalvakuntla chandrasekhar alias kcr, who earned the name as the father of telangana state, contributed to the dream of achieving a separate state for almost 6 decades. kcr, who achieved telangana with stubborn determination, formed the BRS party. He also expressed confidence that he would score a hat-trick. When he expressed confidence that he would make us the chief minister again, kcr suffered an unexpected defeat.
In the form of revanth Reddy, people turned away the hopes of scoring a hat-trick. So much so that it can be said that nowhere else has he seen a worse defeat than not winning at least one mp seat. The main reason for this is that he did not take the 2023 assembly elections seriously.
Moreover, there are many reasons why kcr lost this time. Moreover, in the background of increasing criticism that no one's words are listened to, Revanth's slogan went well among the people. Instead of talking about Modi about the bjp leaders of the state, he focused all on BRS. revanth has succeeded in showing the congress as an alternative to the youth who have been angry over the lack of jobs in telangana for nine and a half years.

Moreover, rahul Gandhi's 12-day tour as part of the Jodo yatra has mainly shown a positive impact on the rural voters. It must be said that the campaign that Kaleswaram, a huge project built at a cost of lakhs of rupees, has become an ATM for KCR's family, has also left an indelible mark on KCR's family. Moreover, when the news came out that the pillars of Medigadda Baraju had collapsed, revanth Reddy's campaigns gained more strength. On the other hand, appointing all the family members in high positions has also turned against KCR. KCR's blind faith has made him lose badly. All these things can be said to have defeated him badly in the election this time. Overall, kcr who is the hero of winning telangana state has made the people big. They became zero because of not paying attention.

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