KTR and harish rao gave the biggest ordeal to KCR's career..?

- kcr had to hand over the reins of the party for some more years.
- Most leaders want Harish Rao.
- ktr, which is only connected to the youth.

BRS leader kcr is in dire straits. The most interesting thing is coming up for discussion in the case of BRS, the main opposition in Telangana. Who will be given the reins of the party? Who will be announced as the successor of the party? It has become an interest in state politics in the last few days. Due to age, kcr had to hand over the reins of the party for some more years. Already after the results of his election, except for one or two times, he was confined to his home. There became a situation where he could not be among the people even at four o'clock. Due to illness, he did not even attend the assembly in the early days. On the other hand, the condition of the party is also deteriorating. Change became inevitable to strengthen the party and move the party forward. In this context, to whom will the party be entrusted? It is now being debated in political circles across the state. Everyone knows that his son ktr is waiting for the reins of the party. A few years ago, everyone thought that he would be entrusted with the responsibility of the party. But when it comes to reality, it is known that ktr is running cold among the senior leaders in the party.
Moreover, the majority of the leaders do not accept KTR's leadership in internal discussions. Similarly, ktr, which is only connected to the youth, is not being inclusive of the seniors. He pushed back the seniors who were hoping for tickets even before the last election and ktr acted to get more tickets by giving more priority to his own category only. Due to this, the situation of ktr being limited to only one group has caused a stir in the party. As a result, almost all the senior leaders left the party. It is well known that many leaders, including Pocharam srinivas Reddy, who were once attached to the party, are now leaving the party. kk played a very important role in this series. Being in the party along with kcr and taking the party forward in the last ten years, it is a fact that he has worked hard in terms of government circles. But in recent times, he could not tolerate KCR's illness and KTR's aggression. With this, it is expected that the party will be more affected if the reins are handed over to KTR.

Whether the reins will be handed over to ktr remains a question mark. On the other hand, harish rao is very patient and skillful with him and the party. He is very much at the forefront of inclusiveness and taking the party forward without creating groups. Successful completion of any task assigned. Convincing everyone and taking the party forward in the wishes of the party leader also became a plus point for Harish Rao. But it is also a question of whether it is possible for kcr to leave the son and hand over the reins to harish rao now. harish rao has no opposition in the party in terms of his performance. Moreover, there are those who want him. Recently, there was a discussion within the party that it would be better to give the reins of the party to Harish Rao. However, kcr was very careful not to let this out. Many leaders have come out saying that the condition of the party is not good, it is not expected that kcr will hand over the reins to his son. Because class struggle can take the party to any level. The party is already weakened. The party is facing difficulties at the field level. In addition to this, it has become very important for kcr to face a strong ruling party like revanth Reddy.

In this background, will he act like the former tamil Nadu cm karunanidhi by keeping the reins of the party with him for some years? That has also become a question. It is known that karunanidhi was made the chief minister of tamil Nadu. He kept the reins of the party with him till the end. He continued as the party president even in the end. Will kcr keep the party like that till then? Or? It should be seen. It is very important to maintain BRS as it is now. For this, leaving aside the issue of ktr or harish rao, a joint action should be taken. But at present efforts are not being made in that direction. Let's see what happens first.

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