What happened to jagan will happen to KCR..?

* Political tussle between Rajanna's successors.
* The main reason for Jagan's defeat is the rifts in his family.
* The people of telangana lost faith in KCR.

Jagan, who created history by winning 151 seats in the last election in Andhra Pradesh, this time won only 11 seats and lost the opposition status. However, the alliance is one reason for Jagan's defeat and the split in the family can be said to be another reason. His own younger sister sharmila joined the congress and campaigned against Jagan. sharmila, who was elected as the president of congress PCC, has been criticizing his government. Another issue that has hit jagan in this election is the murder of his father. jagan is supporting another sister Sunita, who is fighting a legal battle against Viveka's murder, after giving an mp ticket to avinash Reddy, who is accused in the murder case of his own grandfather, Vivekananda Reddy. With this, the two sisters started criticizing Jagan.
The main reason for Jagan's defeat is the rifts in his family. However, his mother Vijayamma is not sure who to stand next to in this matter. Meanwhile, KCR's situation in telangana is different. kcr, who actively participated in the telangana movement and achieved a separate telangana, ruled as the chief minister of telangana for 10 years. However, the opposition criticized the government. At the same time, the people of telangana lost faith in kcr after his daughter kavitha was arrested in the liquor scam. With this, the congress came to power this time. revanth reddy became the Chief Minister.

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