Is that overconfidence damaging the future..!?

• Limited the ysr party to only 11 seats.

•KTR and jagan are wrong.

• Is that belief damaging the future of the heirs?

In andhra pradesh and telangana, it is clear that the children of great leaders are not missing out. As the successor of YS Rajasekhar reddy, after his death, YS Jaganmohan reddy won 151 seats. But for Jaganmohan Reddy's victory, they all worked hard in his family. Especially father Vivekananda reddy, sister sharmila, and mother Vijayamma, everyone's hard work was seen here. Especially sharmila stands against Anna here. jagan thought that since his father was a great leader, he would get along in that respect. Moreover, he came to power after the 2019 elections and did well for the people through welfare schemes. He blindly believed that they would win him. Moreover, there were criticisms that the unemployed were not taken into consideration and the paths for development were not laid. The alliance has won the trust of the people exceptionally this time and limited the ysr party to only 11 seats. He completely defeated jagan, who was very confident that the people would win him.
But a similar situation has arisen there in telangana as well. After forming telangana state in the 2013 and 2018 elections, people made kcr the chief minister. kcr had many dreams of making his son ktr the chief minister no matter what, to come to power this time too. But at the same time, KTR's younger sister kavitha was caught in the liquor scam. Allegations of not giving job opportunities to the unemployed at the right time. Campaigns that the kaleshwaram project has become an ATM for KCR's family. Moreover, the issue of rifts in the family became completely negative for the BRS party. They thought that they would hit a hat trick by coming to power again. They believed so much that the people stood by them. But they completely lost that belief and lost at least 40 seats. It is noteworthy that he did not win a single mp seat. ktr hoped to become the chief minister again with the initiative of his father. jagan who thought that he would come back to power as his father's great leader is also doing good to the people. And now they are trying to regain the trust of the people and come back to power. And we have to see how the 2028 elections in telangana and the 2029 elections in andhra pradesh will come together for KCR's son and YSR's son.

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