Reportedly Amazon india has said that it will eliminate single-use plastic from its packaging by June 2020. Meanwhile the company, which packages ‘sealed air’ pillows or bubble wrap inside a lot of their packaging, has said that they will be introducing ‘paper cushions to fill up the space inside boxes. Furthermore in a post, the company said that less than 7% of the packaging in its fulfillment centres is single-use plastic in nature and that all such material would be collected this month.

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Further it has also said that it’s packaging material such as corrugated boxes and paper cushions contain as high as 100% recycled content and is also fully recyclable. The company said in a post “Amazon india is aggressively developing plastic-free alternatives for packaging mailers, bubble bags, stretch wrap and tape used in the packaging which will help the company eliminate all forms of plastic used in its packaging”. Single-use plastic is disposable plastics, which are used once and discarded. 

It added that 60% of Amazon pantry deliveries are now in tote bags, and the company has increased the times a customer receives multiple items in the same box. Moreover this comes just days after Amazon’s primary rival in india, Flipkart, announced that it will move towards a 100% recycled plastic consumption in its own supply chain by March 2021. Perhaps in a statement, the company said that as of August 1, 2019, it reduced the usage of single use plastic by 25%.

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