Harbhajan Singh has spent his entire life in front of the lens. He wowed photographers with his off-spin brilliance as an outstanding cricketer. He has had cameo roles in hindi and punjabi movies, as well as numerous commercials, but he has never acted in a full-length motion picture. When the producers of Friendship gave him the starring role in the tamil film, his situation altered. Was he tense? "Unlike on the cricket pitch, I was allowed to have retakes here," he told the reporters in an exclusive conversation.

In the interview, he said, "Even I am perplexed as to why tamil movie exists in the first place. But, at that point in my cricket career, I thought I might have to pursue something else with my life, and then this time was right itself, and I seized it. Almost two years ago, the film was offered to me. It took three to four months to decide to choose whether or not to make the movie. 

Then the pandemic struck, and everything was shut down for eight to nine months. The movie took longer than intended to complete. But, yeah, making this picture was enjoyable. It wasn't the first time an opportunity presented itself to me. I'd previously been approached to work on punjabi films. I declined because I was too preoccupied with playing for india at the time. My wife was however unhappy when I choose to act and she said this is not going to be my cup of tea."

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