T20 world cup 2024: Nature's wrath in florida, pakistan will be out of t20 world cup today!

Pakistan Scenario in t20 world cup 2024: America-Ireland will clash in the t20 world cup today. This match is going to be held in florida, where there is a flood after heavy rains.

T20 world cup 2024: Nature's wrath in florida, pakistan will be out of t20 world cup today!

Pakistan cricket team is in danger of being out of t20 world cup 2024. The team captained by Babar Azam has won only one match out of 3. pakistan will take on ireland on june 16 in their last group match. They will have to win at all costs to reach the Super 8. Before this, we have to pray that the Irish team defeats America today. But in the meantime, bad news is coming for Pakistan.

Actually, the America-Ireland match is going to be played in Florida. There is a flood here after heavy rains. The roads are completely submerged. The whole city is flooded. The National Meteorological Department of America has issued an alert of heavy rain in South Florida. In such a situation, there is every possibility that the America-Ireland match will fall prey to rain. If this match is washed out, then Pakistan's team will be out of the group stage of t20 world cup today.

Indian team has already qualified for Super 8 from Group-A. At the same time, America is in second place in the table with 4 points. If the match against ireland is washed out, America will get a ticket to Super 8, because they will have 5 points. Pakistan's team will not reach this many points even after winning their last group match. However, there is a high possibility that the Pakistan-Ireland match scheduled for sunday will not be played due to rain.

Let us tell you that India's last group match to be held in florida is also under the shadow of rain. Team india is going to clash with canada on 15 June. Many former cricketers are demanding that the last 3 matches of Group-A to be played in florida should be shifted to some other venue. However, no official statement has come from the ICC.

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